Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bribery 101

We have an amazing babysitter. I just love her because she is so very sweet and you know she is great with kids. We had tried to offer her a nanny position for us, but she had to take a full time job elsewhere so we get our fix by having her babysit. :o)
Last night, we had R come to babysit and here is why she is a great babysitter.
She showed up half an hour before we were due to leave (like we had scheduled) and I walked her through a couple reminders: Bedtime routine, all the stuff for dinner, pajamas, etc. And I gave her a quick rundown of a couple Chinese words D might use and what they mean: "bao-bao" - pick her up and most importantly, "Bing gan" - cookie. But I had to whisper that b/c D has eagle ears and if she had heard she would have bolted the the kitchen and asked for some. And I gave her specific instructions that if D asked for some, she could give her some but only two and that's it. Fine.
So off we go on our merry way. D, these days has been very clingy. So, we said our goodbyes and she was wailing. Fine, we just left. When we got home we asked how the night was and this is what R said:
Well, I had to give D some cookies...
I said, "Oh, she asked for some?"
And R replied, "Well, nooo....I kind of offered them to her...well, she was inconsolable when you guys left and was crying for like five minutes. Then I remembered you mentioned the cookies, what was the word? 'Binban'? So, I said, "Binban?" And she instantly stopped crying and nodded her head."
I just laughed. I loved that story.
Now, what makes R the best babysitter is not the fact that she bribed D, but the fact that she even remembered the word for cookie!!! I LOVE that girl!

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