Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Chinese...

Y'know...I don't know what it is about the Chinese...but there is one thing that they do that irritates me when I see it happening.
When a baby is crying, say, mine for instance, my mom or whoever other Chinese is in the room will say, "Aya, bu yao ku. Ni ku chi lai lian jeo how nan kan." Which translates as "ooh, stop crying. Your face is so ugly when you cry..."
I hate that. I have an Asian nanny who comes twice a week for a few hours and today D was out of control crying (possibly b/c she was so distraught over last night's babysitting gig that she was on high alert today) and our nanny was saying that.
I didn't have the heart reprimand her since I know it's kind of a Chinese thing. My mom does it too. But I really dislike when they say that b/c I don't want D to be the type of baby who thinks beauty is all that it's about. Who CARES if their face is ugly when they cry?? Just cry. Do what makes you feel better, darling.
Eh, so anyhow, I didn't reprimand the nanny b/c she only comes two days a week and D is hardly ever crying when she is around. Today was just a fluke.

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