Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sleep is good..or maybe sleep is great

D had a monster nighttime sleep last night. I put her down a little after 7:30pm and she didn't wake up this morning until close to 8:30am! Cool! I wonder if the rain and darkened skies had anything to do with it?
Regardless, she was just a powerhouse of knowledge this morning.
When I picked her up from the crib, I brought her to the window to show her how it had rained. Saying in Chinese, "It rained last night. It's all wet outside." To which she responded, "Wet!"
And then continued to say, "Da lay" (lightening - which is something we talked about when it rained last time.) Then she said, "Umbrella!" Whoa...this girl was pulling out all the words that she knew corresponded with rain. That was pretty cool.
Then I'm feeding her breakfast and I'm making sliced oranges with yogurt. She's saying, "Orange, orange" as I'm pulling it out of the fridge but her pronounciation is more like, "oranch, oranch"
And while we are eating, she always likes to eat what I'm eating even if we are having the same exact thing so I give her a scoop of my yogurt. And she announces after she eats it, "Yogurt"!
Whaat?! This girl is on a roll today. And that's not the end.
We are on the staircase just sitting and playing and she is having me pet her stuffed giraffe, the entire time saying, "Muo, muo" which means "pet" in Chinese. The she announces, "PET!" as we are stroking the giraffe. I was all excited and so proud of her. Then she announces, "PAT!" and pats her own back and then pats mine!!
I am telling you...it's crazy. All this before noon.
On the flip side, she is so cognizant of everything that is going on, that she intentionally screams and carries on when I am on the phone. She refuses to go play by herself and latches onto me so I can't hear a word of conversation. Hello? I am not usually on the phone when I am watching her obviously but if it's my boss, I do try to pick up. And here I have this crazy child making all sorts of noises so we can't even have a civilized conversation.
Right now, as I am typing this it's making me crack up at how smart she is, but at the time that she is carrying on, I feel a tad embarrassed and maybe a smidge irked that I can't just say, "Shhh, be quiet" and have her understand me.

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