Monday, August 30, 2010

Gutter mind

Yes, we are not talking about D here. We are talking about me. If you know me, you know that my mind is constantly in the gutter...
I'm sure I've posted before on how tragic baby games can be and what it sounds like when you are commending them on their play. For instance, "Wow, great job D. Put the stick in the hole. Yes! Good job!" Errm...hello...
And now D is picking up almost everything we say. I mean, I say, "Deeelicious!!" every day but does she pick up on that word? Hardly ever. I think she said it once when my friend was over and said it to her.
But, no she is constantly saying "Shut Up!" all day long...I exclaimed that ONCE while out with a friend!
And today, we are in the car and G's driving. Sometimes he jokes around and will have me feel his muscle or look at his pecs or whatever. So today he's in the car and he says, "Honey, feel my forearms!" And I feel them and I say, "Wow, so muscular..." and because I have a gutter mind, I add, "must be from all the jacking off". I said that rather quietly, mind you but NEXT THING YOU KNOW, D's in the back repeating, "Jacking off!" "Jacking off"
To which I replied, "Jacket off, sweetie? You want your jacket off? Okay!"
G and I are totally cracking up and TOTALLY trying to ignore what she just said lest she thinks it's a good phrase to pick "shut up."

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