Saturday, September 4, 2010

Putting two and two together

I don't know why I find babies so fascinating! The other day D and I were at the community center where we've taken her skating before. Usually, the cc has their gym open on Fridays for open skating. So D says to me, "Lio bing, lio bing" (which, obvi, means "rollerskating" in Chinese).
And I replied, "No, sorry baby. They are closed today. (The cc was getting their floors redone).

D thinks about my reply for a second and says, "Chiao Chiao" ("Knock", as in knock on the door in Chinese). And then says and motions at the same time, "Kai men. Kai men" which means "open the door" in Chinese.

Isn't that amazing?! It's crazy how they can put two and two together!!

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