Friday, April 10, 2009

Tic toc tic toc

My life is run by the hands of a clock. What time did Dillon go down - When did she wake up - when did I start feeding - when did I stop - how long have I been shushing for - how long has she been asleep, can I put her down now without her waking up - how long has she been in that swinging chair - and back again - what time did Dillon go down...
I am telling you, having a baby is HARD WORK! Wait, I mean, caring for a baby is hard work. Having the baby is a piece of cake next to raising her!
Now, what burns more calories - hop walking backwards and forwards with a baby in your arms for 15 minutes or more or jogging around the block for 20 minutes? Hmm...I dunno but I expect to come out of this baby caring thing with toned arms and legs and more muscle mass! If I don't, then I must be doing something wrong. Well, then again, I am already screwing myself out of toned abs by cutting down on my shushing b/c I can't stand to do that for too long a time. :o(
Well...I tried to let Dillon cry it out again today...again it didn't go well. She wailed and wailed getting progressively louder. When I finally went in to pick her up (only within 5 minutes mind you) tears were streaming down her face and she was red as a beet. Awww..poor baby. BUT, on the upside of this event, after all that trauma she went down to sleep within minutes! Okay, okay...maybe not the best solution for getting her to bed.
Meanwhile, after Dillon's bath I took her upstairs to feed her and put her to bed. Fed her, then started shushing. Shushed for 10 minutes or more (which feels like an eternity) and decided you know what...I am not going to try and shush her to sleep if she's not so tired she can't keep her eyes open. So, I took her downstairs and put her in the swing chair until she got bored and cried out to let us know she'd had enough. Then I took her upstairs and guess what? Continued the same EXACT rocking motion that the swing chair makes and she falls asleep. WHAAT? Is she kidding me?
Well, my gf Loretta (who has a son that needs to sleep on her body) puts it this way, "I figure my son is smarter than the average baby b/c he can actually tell the difference between a swing and me. You can't fool him!) Yeah...Dillon's smarter than the average bear. Whooopee!!

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