Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cry it out - Part 2

Well, crying it out sure didn't work out too well. She cried for 45 mins. I finally went up to get her. This girl has been spoiled and to tell you the truth, I am so over stupid Dr.Sears who says you can't ever spoil an infant. That too is just bullcocky. Structure! Structure is what young babies need if you want to save the mother's sanity.
I have two days on my own to try to retrain Dillon to sleep on her own. Thankfully, Greg is off to all day meetings this week.
Everyone I've spoken to has had their baby in their cribs or at least away from their body from the very beginning. First day home. I am a bad parent and didn't do so and now I'm paying for it.
I tried to put her down a couple times today but the moment she started to wake up, I'd pick her up because apparently, napping during the day is essential for babies. It helps them to sleep better at night and right now, that's very important too!
What I'd really like to do is have her cry it out at night because then she really has tobe sleeping, but unfortunately Greg is around at night. Who knows, I might just have to send him downstairs to sleep with his white noise machine. I sent him down last night, but he didn't take his white noise machine so when she was wailing at 5am,he came running in to rescue her. I mean, he must think I'd just leave her for dead...sheesh.
Oh, I know...after she gets her bath and she's supposed to go down, I will try to train! Greg will still be out to dinner!! Hoorah! We shall see....

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