Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The luckiest girl

Dillon is such a lucky girl to have a daddy like Greg. He treats her like she's a piece of fine china. We have been arguing over whether to let her cry it out. He, of course, is against saying she's too young. My argument is, No, she's not. She'll never remember we let her do it, we'll be better off for it and I'd rather spoil her when she's two and older when it counts b/c she'll remember. the extent that Greg treats her like china. When trying to put her down in the bassinet at night (after having held her for over an hour to make sure she's good and asleep), he gingerly makes his way over to above the bassinet. Then, he very carefully leans over the bassi. And by carefully, I mean he takes a good 15 minutes to do this to position himself just perfectly over the bassi. In putting her down, he moves ever so slowly to place her body down first (again, taking 10 minutes) and then carefully removes his one hand while keeping the hand that's holding her head very still. Then, he sits there for another 10 minutes (or so it seems) and then very, very carefully inches his hand away from her head. Amazing...who does that??? If it were up to me, I'd just as soon throw her in a corner and let her cry herself to sleep. See how lucky that Dillon is?
By the way, back to my argument for crying it out. Hello? Many mothers are forced to go back to work after 6 weeks. I'm sure they let their babies cry it out at 6 weeks and before because they can't be there to hold that baby when she cries. Those babies turned out fine...Greg's argument? How do you know? Maybe all of them have issues...Hello?? Is he crazy?
Well all this talk is nonsense because we have not let her cry it out. However, I do have a business trip coming up - April 19th and I had mentioned to Greg - well, too young or not, you will have to let her cry it out when I am out of town. :o) (smug smile). Poor Greg looked like he was about to cry. :o(
By the way, he was telling his sister how I wanted to let D cry it out and she whined, "She's too young..." This coming from a girl who's daughter slept in her co-sleeper.


  1. Bel, you do what ya gotta do. Unfortunately, Greg isn't on the same page....

    But, if you DO do the Greg route, you can tell him to fast forward 3 years...just today, I was trying to get TL down for his nap. I ALWAYS have to drive him in the car for his afternoon nap cuz he won't go down on his own cuz he never learned. Usually, I sit in the stairwell for 1 -2 hours wasting time on my laptop while he sleeps in the car in the garage. My laptop broke. So, I tried to transfer him to the couch today. I was contorting my 6 month pregnant body while holding TL...trying to gingerly get him down while still sleeping...well, my patience has worn, so I'm not gonna do it for 30 minutes like Greg anymore, so I went too fast today & didn't do it during the right REM/RAM sleep cycle point, so TL woke up & starting screaming, "TV!!! TV!!!! I wanna watch TV!!!!!!!!!!" So much for his nap. ;-D

  2. Hoooollly shit...We are in so much trouble