Thursday, April 2, 2009


OMG! It's amazing that I put Dillon in her swing chair and she just swung in it and put herself to sleep! I am amazed! No crying, no tough love needed. She didn't make ONE PEEP! It's these little moments that we now appreciate. However, too bad Greg is not here to witness. He is at work. Too bad.
By the way, I am convinced Dillon knows that "Shway Jiao" means go to sleep. That's what I said to her when I walked over to her swing chair and turned her mobile off. I turned her mobile off, said, "Zhi Lian schway jiao" (Zhi Lian is her chinese name) and walked away. And now she is sleeping! Yippeee! Yes, and when we are in the car and she is wailing, I tell her the same thing. I speak to her in chinese and say what I say, "Shiao bao bao, schway jiao jiao" and she literally quiets down and falls asleep! I am sure every mother is convinced that her child is smart. I'm the same. Heheh. Dillon's smart!

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