Sunday, April 12, 2009

And the saga continues

Well, Dillon still keeps getting up around 4:30am. Seems like she's pushing out gas, but at this point it's just so hard to tell. Why always 4:30am? The other morning, she was wailing at the top of her lungs. Greg shushed her to sleep and put her down around 5:30am whereupon she promptly woke up again and started crying. I took over this time and finally got her to sleep around 6:30am-ish, waited the requisite amount of time before it's "safe" to put her down in her bassi, but to no avail...she popped right back awake when I put her down. So, I picked her up. By then it was nearing 7am. I tried shushing her some more, but she just could not be consoled so I took out out with me to walk the dogs and when we came back, she started crying again. Sigh...Finally, we just started our day and she finally calmed down.
Last night, I tried a different tactic. I decided to fill her up with formula at her 2am feeding so hopefully, she would sleep through her 4am fits. I got her sleeping around 3:50am...annnnd...she pops awake at 4:18am! Before she could start crying I pick her up and hold her close in a fetal position with my head brushing by hers and shushing her. I guess it made her feel secure enough to go back to sleep without ever having to cry. yeay! Although, then I was up for the rest of the morning b/c I had to remain upright for her to feel comfortable. While sitting upright, trying to sleep I thought (around 6am) that maybe finally I can recline us just a bit. That woke her up she didn't just start to cry, she was shrieking!! I just don't understand. Why is her system development so painful for her? I was so sad. I was able to shush her back into a calm state pretty quickly again with the fetal position, head resting upon head and then Greg took over.
I guess I should go to bed right now to prep for my 4:30am wakeup call a la Dillon. Poor baby. Why does infant development have to be so hard on them? It's just not right.

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