Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time...that would be the Baby Whisperer. GREAT advice really. I love this schedule. The first day that I employed this method, Dillon slept great through the night. It's amazing. Don't feel like reading the book? Jump online (that's what I did). www.babywhisperer.com and read the message boards. I love it.
But then...I read her method to sleep train your baby, an alternative to crying it out. Errrm, Shh/Pat did not work for me. Plus, I don't feel like investing HOURS and DAYS to get my daughter to sleep on her own. Back to Crying It Out. I want to do it, but something keeps me from doing it when Greg is around even though he claims he is all for it. So...next week, he is gone for an entire week. I will do it then.
At least Dillon gives us our nights free. She goes down around 7pm and doesn't wake until about 10pm for a feeding. Of course, my nights aren't that great after the 10pm feeding, but that should taper off soon. Apparently, when they reach about 12 lbs they should be able to sleep through the night without any extra feedings. This again, probably needs to be learned by them, so some more crying out in the middle of the night? Who knows. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it!
Ooh, why do babies take so long to grow up? Aaagh! This baby development thing is wearing on my patience. Oh, must be because she can't sleep on her own. :o) All this will be solved soon...

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