Monday, March 28, 2011


Y'know, I try to schedule my days so D and I are out and about and doing things either until we need to get home to feed her lunch and then nap or until she passes out. Today we had a lovely Moms & Muffins shindig at a MOMS Member house and then plans to go see a presentation of Cinderella at our neighborhood library at 10:30am. Sweet. That would probably last an hour, we'd come home, I'd make her lunch, play a little and then she's off for nap.
Well, trust her father to just mess it all up. It turns out that I was not able to take D to the library but coordinated with G to meet me and take her while I had to head home for lunch.
They came home at 10:55am. WTF?!! When I asked, G said, "Well, she wanted to walk so then she was just interested in walking and hanging on the sidewalk so we did that and then we headed home." DARN HIM!!! Yeah, they come home and he immediately jumps on work calls...leaving ME to stop doing my work and having to entertain D. Greeaattt...that's, like, 2 hours shot.
Does it seem like I'm a little bit irritated. Yeah, I kinda was.
I mean, really...I'm a mother by nature of having given birth. However, had I wanted to be a nanny, I would've applied for that position...I'm just sayin'. Run along and go play by yourself please D.

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