Friday, March 4, 2011

I must be PMSing...

I usually know when I am PMSing because my tolerance for D's antics run REALLY low. I have ZERO tolerance for her and wish I could just put her in a box and run away.
Was solo this morning and had to get some work done before we started the day. In the back of my mind while I was working I thought, "It sure is quiet over there where D is..she must be getting into trouble." But, I pushed it out of my mind because I had to work.
When I was done, sure enough the girl had gotten into a bit of mischief. She found her dad's permanent black marker and marked all over our leather sofa...and her hands and her face and mostly, actually on her piece of paper.
But really what made me see red was not the markings on the sofa but the fact that she could not find the cap to the marker. I was irritated that we would have to throw this marker away. What a waste! Really mad that this girl, who usually remembers everything, could not tell me where she squirreled away the pen cap.
I have thoughts of getting rid of this little creature. Anyone want a 2-year old toddler that is sharp as a tack, cute as a button and a 6am alarm clock???

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