Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi, meet my dog, D

Yes, this potty training thing is going...I'm not sure why I decided to cause myself such angst today. Dressed D in her underwear (no diaper) and took her out on a walk to give G some quiet time to sleep in. So, I'm calculating in my head, "Okay, just gave D some snacks and some milk. In about 20 minutes she will probably be ready to go potty so I'll stroll around over to Bongo Java." Did so, got an orange juice for D, a bagel and a coffee for me. We sat and ate and enjoyed ourselves. Just some Mommy and D time (not that we are ever short of that, ahem please refer to previous complainy posts).
She drank a LOT of oj so I am pretty anxious that she goes to the bathroom before we head on home or to a playground. Was thinking about taking her to a neighborhood playground but was really unsure of how I would react (most likely poorly) if she had an accident and peed in her, I take her to the bathroom before we pack up to leave. Her mind is clearly all over the place, what with a little friend outside by the tables, and running around the coffee house that she's definitely not thinking about taking a bathroom break so I don't think she peed. I'm a bit panicked. What to do...what to do?
Oh well, I pack us up and head home. Still wanted to give G some more time to sleep so I take kind of a roundabout way home. As we are getting close to home D announces, "I have to pee! I have to pee!" So I do what any self respecting mother would do. I pull down her pants and have her pee right on the grass on the sidewalk. :oD D's happy and Mama's happy b/c she didn't soil her pants. The grass is brown anyway since it's winter. No harm done at all.
AND...we all know she's gonna have plenty o'times when she's older when she's just going to have to drip dry and not get to wipe her bottom so might as well learn now!

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