Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Reference the previous post and spanking...I mentioned to G last night that I spanked D. I could hear the cringe in his voice when he responded, "Why? I thought we agreed not to ever spank her." Umm, easier for him to say b/c he is so mild mannered. The thought of ever lifting his hand to even throw something across the room would never occur to him.
I responded with, "It was just a tap and sometimes I think it's necessary to force a point." and then proceeded to tell him how and why.
G: "Couldn't there been a different way to express yourself?"
And after much thought, I agreed and replied with the following - "I guess I could've said, 'D, we only use markers on paper.'" Then got a wet towel and asked her nicely to help mama wipe the marker off the floor.

Yes, that would've been a MUCH better and MUCH more effective form of communication. Sigh...I am still learning. Every day...

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