Saturday, March 26, 2011

A curious incident

Last night was interesting. Backstory - ever since D was a wee baby we have put two rolled up hand towels in her crib. At first G did that as sort of support next to her head. One on each side. Then as she got older these hand towels just kind of became her "security blankets" of some sort. There are two sets, green and pink and we just alternate between the four. When she is having a hard time or is sad, she asks for her "bay bay" (translation: blankie)
So, last night I put her down to bed and no sooner had I walked out when D started bawling at the top of her lungs and she was fine when I put her down. I went in to ask her what was wrong and she cried, "bay bay!!!" I gave her the one and she said, "other bay bay!!" And so I handed her the other one (both of which were already in her crib, that's usually where they stay). She promptly rolled over and went to bed.
Then around 1am she woke up crying her eyes out. I went in to see what was wrong and she was crying for her "little baby giraffe!!" So, I went outside to try and find her stuffed toy, found it and brought it in to her. Again, she grabbed it and promptly rolled over and went to sleep! Huh.
Annnd, I was so surprised today when she and I were sitting and chatting and she was holding little baby giraffe and looked at me and said, "Did Bao Bae cry when she was sleeping?"
And I responded, "Yes! Last night. You remember?" She nodded. :o)

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