Monday, March 7, 2011


When is it appropriate to start spanking your child? I think 2 years old. :o)
We are not talking a hard spanking. I mean, I find it appropriate to have spanked D very quickly on her bottom to make a point - DO NOT use markers on the floor.
I feel like she is old enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. She certainly does know when she's done something wrong. Like when she plays with water from her sippy cup, pouring it out of the top into other containers and onto the floor. When we reprimand her and say, "D, don't do that. Mommy has told you before not to play with your water." D responds, very matter of factly with her pointer finger up, "Only outside."
So she knows exactly what she is doing when she is doing something wrong.
Today, I just felt it necessary to tap her bottom sternly to force home the point of not marking up the floor. By the look of her face, she got it.
She didn't cry. She just kind of looked like she was startled but also realized that I was serious. She didn't respond with a cutesy reply.
Eh, I don't know if it worked. We shall see...

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