Sunday, February 27, 2011


Umm...the worst part of parenting just MIGHT be when your child poops in the tub!! Yes, that happened to us this evening. We had to drain the tub and try to keep the poop from going down the drain so I picked it up with toilet paper. Does anyone realize how easily toilet paper breaks down in water? Fast.
Ick! Gross. It didn't stink or anything but just the thought of poop in the water...I picked it up and I had to watch the rest to make sure it didn't go down the drain. I practically vomited.
Please don't do that again, D.

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  1. OMG, Bel. Paulina does this SOOOOOO OFTEN!!!! It is SOOOO disgusting!!! I hear ya!!! Poor thing...she isn't really allowed play time in the tub cuz invariably, she will deliver a very unwanted present. Hope it doesn't happen again! TL never did it! (except as an infant & that doesn't count!)