Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you

Recently, D has gotten into the mischief of always wanting to bite my hair. To take my hair in her teeth and just pull. That is not a great feeling and I am constantly reprimanding her, telling her not to pull my hair and especially not to bite my hair with her teeth. But, of course, she just thinks it's funny and doesn't listen to me.
Today, I said to her, "Don't bite mommy's hair or I will spank you!"
D: "Thank you."
M: "No, not thank you. I will spank you!"
D: "You're welcome."
Finally, I just rolled my eyes. It was futile. She knows exactly what I was saying yet refused to acknowledge.
Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue with his stern voice and said, "D! Do NOT bite mommy's hair! That is very bad."
She didn't care...I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the last of this stunt.

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  1. Since Paulina is no longer a cute litte doll, we have had to speak very sternly & uh, sometimes very loudly at her...she still gets pretty shocked by it & sometimes crumples up her face & starts crying, knowing she did something bad. Other times, she does not care at all. Tonight, I had the worst grocery shopping trip...she KEPT putting her mouth on the friggin' cart. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! When everyone in Southern California is sick right now!! (*&#)$(*&#)*(&$#