Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Airplane tickets for toddlers

Oh, those airlines...they knew what they were doing when they instituted charging for a toddler 2 years old and beyond. See, when infants are under 2 years old, they only cry because they need something - they could be tired, thirsty, hungry. But once that need is met, they are satisfied and they don't fuss anymore.
A two-year-old, however, is a whole different story. A 2-year old fusses because she can and she is not quiet about it. She's might know what she wants or she might not but whatever it is, she sure as hell knows she's not liking what is going on at that particular second - like, she wants OUT of the plane and obviously that's not gonna happen - and she's not afraid to voice her opinion.
Yup, that's what D did recently on our trip out to Vail. She missed her nap and was just so antsy. Wanted me to get up out of my seat and hold her, carry her to the back of the plane to hang out. Didn't want to walk on her own two legs or stand. Just wanted me to carry her. Always the carrying...
I have to say, when my niece was around 4 years old, my sister had brought her out to New York to visit. She wanted to be carried the entire time around NYC, and only carried by her mother. Not her father. So, my sister did! She carried her from about 80th street all the way down to about 11th Street. At that time, I did not have a child but I do remember thinking, "Heck no! If I ever have a kid she is not gonna be carried like that!" I still stand by that statement...but I also find myself carrying D a lot more than I think she needs to be carried, and definitely less than G carries her. He is always telling her, "D, you are big enough to walk on your own. Get down." Of course, she fusses and cries and he eventually picks her back up, but at least he attempts. And those times when he is attempting, I secretly feel bad in my heart for her..."but she's so little... She might be tired..and she's in an unfamiliar place...."


  1. If they knew Paulina, they would have started charging her at 18 months. :-D

  2. & 'tis why we haven't traveled with her! she is bad enough waking everyone up at 6am or earlier in a hotel room...haven't mustered up the courage (or desire) to take her on a plane!