Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tattle tell

D now goes to Buttercup. It's a Waldorf program for toddlers. The other day, the kids got free play. The purpose of this exercise is so the kids will play by themselves and moms can do "purposeful work"...yeah...there are three moms in this class so a total of three kids. All three moms (me included) find the idea of "purposeful work" laughable as none of the kids ever really leave our sides. Sure they run around and play for a bit but they are always looking to their moms as their playmates.
Last week, D is sitting by me playing and I'm chatting with the teacher so teacher gets a little wooden container that holds colored cotton balls and gives it to D to play. She plays with it, puts the strap over her shoulder and calls it her book bag. Then she drapes the "book bag" on the back of the chair and says, "Don't touch it mommy! Don't touch my book bag, okay??"
I reply, "Okay, I won't."
Then she walks off, walks back and says, "Don't touch my stuff mommy, okay?"
The teacher looks at me with a slight slanted eye and says, "And we wonder where she gets that from..." Mmm-hmm. I know. Guilty. Yes, I often tell D not to touch things. Not so much in those words. I don't recall ever saying, "Don't touch my stuff D!" But I have told her not to touch for instance, the razors in daddy's drawers, the lipsticks on my shelf...the cotton balls in the drawers b/c she tend to pour them all over the floor. That type of stuff. Is that so wrong?
Sigh. What a tattle tell.

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