Monday, February 7, 2011


What I hate most about parenting is getting frustrated at myself but taking it out on D because she's the one that caused it.
Case in point, today she got into my toiletries drawer, found a small bottle of hair serum, unscrewed the cap and started pouring the entire contents of the bottle into the cap which of course, spilled all over herself, the drawer, the floor...
I was so pissed! Why? Because she should've known better! Uh, nooo...or how about because she shouldn't be in my stuff anyway! Umm, again, no.
Really I was pissed at myself for letting it happen and then pissed at G for having such stupid drawers and not having locks on them. Of course, none of these things dawned on me until after I threw a fit.
should've known better. I should not have had those things within her reach and I should've made sure we put locks on them as soon as she learned how to pull open the drawers and unscrew tops.
And while these things were going through my head and I know I should've kept my cool, I just couldn't. I was still telling myself in my head, "But I at least have to let her understand what she did was wrong..."
I hate days like these. Mostly because I hate being wrong.

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  1. bel, you're an amazing mom. don't u forget it! or doubt it, for that matter!