Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh heehee...

Y'know, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole potty training thing. And when I was feeling a bit under the weather about two weeks ago and D was steeped in potty training mode - wanting to walk around without her diapers and then running to the potty, hearing the Fischer Price talking potty sing when she pees and then calling Grandma to hear the accolades - I just wasn't feeling it. I mean, having to empty the potty every time she tinkled so the sound would go off the next time was so tedious.
But alas. The girl just about trained herself! Now, we started with the whole potty training thing about a month ago just kind of inadvertently with having her walk around without her diaper and calling Grandma every time she peed. We never did anything about number 2. So everytime she peed she'd jump off the pot and scream, "Kwai dian! Kwai dian! Da dian hwa gay Nai Nai!" (Translation: Hurry! Hurry! Call Grandma!) And we'd call Grandma and Grandma would exclaim, "Bao Bae di yi ming! Bao Bae hao bang!" (Translation: Bao Bae is number 1! Bao Bae is wonderful!)
I mean, that really just speeds along this whole potty training, I'm convinced.
Then somehow about a week and and a half ago she sort of learned how to poop in the potty and then hasn't pooped in her diaper since! She always asks to poo in the toilet! And while I still had her wear a diaper when we exited the house and she would pee in it but still ask to poo in a toilet, today I had her exit the house without a diaper and she's wearing big girl underwear and she peed and pood in toilet all day! Amazing!
And I was worried...who knew? Hallelujah!!


  1. WOW - I am so impressed! Dillon is an impressive girl...her language skills...potty skills. When Paulina grows up, all she will hear about is how "Dillon hway this; Dillon hway that; Dillon hao nen gahn." & she will grow resentful of her & be annoyed when you guys come into town to visit. hahhahahaaa :-D