Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did she say Mama??!

Yes! Today at playgroup, Mama L and I were talking and saying how D doesn't really talk. She knows Ball (but doesn't every baby know ball or bah or some form or another of the B sound??), but that's about it. She understands when I speak to her, but she can't speak yet.
And I was playing with L's daughter, L says to D, "Dillon, do you want to say Mama?"
And D says, "Mama?!" while pointing at me!! What??!! Where??!! How th-...
She is full of surprises, this little one.
L and I started cracking up! We were shocked and amused. I'm sure I won't hear that word out of her till she's, like, two. Or even then...
And I swear....this evening when we were going through the pics on our fridge, after I pointed out her cousin, Hope, she repeated, "O-pah"
And then since we were on a roll, I named some other pics on the fridge and after I said, "Aiden", she repeated, "Aay de"!! I swear!! She is going to be speaking sensibly in no time! I can feel it!!
She IS my daughter after all. Talking is an essential part of her being. Hahah!

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