Thursday, May 13, 2010


That is pretty much what Dillon is telling us every time we try to stick her in her car seat for long periods of time for a road trip. She is not a good car sleeper and then will stay awake and scream at the top of her lungs.
We recently took a trip to Atlanta and D was a BEAR getting there and coming back. I think G was probably white knuckled by the time we got back home. He just cannot bear hearing his little girl cry or fret. We finally did have to stop in Chattanooga just so she could stretch her legs a bit but certainly after about 40 more minutes in the car, she started screaming. The girl likes to exercise her lungs...
G's reaction, "Well, she is certainly not going on any more trips! She is demonstrating that she is totally incapable of handling long car rides which I am also going to assume will be same for plane rides! She will not be going anywhere!"
Hehe! He jests of course. We realize she is just bored because we have not properly prepped for taking her on a long car ride. We should have games for her or at least learning CDs so she is not bored. The girl is at the height of her learning capability! She does not want to be idle! Can I blame her? Bless her little to shop online for learning CDs for the car!

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