Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just some cool stuff

D's usual morning routine consists of waking up, playing in her crib for a bit, then playing in her room for a bit, we change and then we head to the kitchen for breakfast. She usually is so anxious for her morning cup of milk that she looks forward to the kitchen and doesn't like to stray much from this routine.
The other morning, however, we came out of her room and she said, "Ba!" (Ba-ba is dad in Chinese. She only says it occasionally so I don't know if that's what she really means), but I replied, Daddy is upstairs sleeping. She points upstairs so I take her up there and put her onto the bed with daddy. We were sitting there and I said to her, "Bao Bae, gay ba-ba ching ching." (translation - Bao Bae, go give daddy a kiss." And would you believe it??! She sat for a second and then crawled over to G and gave him a big kiss!! I was flabbergasted! I mean, I just say these things to her to say it. I can't believe she understands. It's amazing. Babies are amazing...
Yesterday, we were at the mall and I wanted some candy. But I know I can't eat anything in front of D or else she will want some. I mean, if she even sees my mouth moving at all, she will want whatever it is.
But I kid you not. I was careful to stay behind her stroller as I am eating away at my candy (sour taffy) and while I am eating I am talking to G. And NO JOKE, she HEARD me talking with my mouth full and leaned forward in her stroller to crane her neck around and reach out her arms to me as she points for whatever I am eating!! No joke!! No Joke!! I almost choked!! She is crazy!

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