Friday, April 2, 2010

To ignore...or not? D and I had an interesting morning that looking back in retrospect is really quite funny (but not in the bigger scheme of things) :o{
I fixed her a bowl of cut up mango and put her in her high chair. Next thing I know, I am hearing, "pppt" "pppt"...."ppt" I look over and what do I see? Dillon throwing her mango pieces onto the floor! I saw red. How do I deal?
I say "Bao Bae, no!" and pick her right up and put her on the floor. She knows she's done something wrong and starts to cry but then stops as she sees me cleaning up her mess. I then finish cooking her egg and sit her back down with the egg AND the mango and feed her.
Yesterday, she kind of mastered drinking from a regular cup! Plastic, baby cup but I was so impressed! So today, after feeding her I thought why not give her the rest of her milk in a cup? The only thing is, she doesn't quite understand drinking the milk I am helping her with her cup.
And because she often hates when we help her, she lost her temper and tossed the cup! Spilling milk all over her table and the floor. Oh boy! So, I picked her right up and put her on the floor!
This time, she didn't cry. She sat for one moment, then walked over by the milk minding her own business. And then after I was done cleaning up the milk, I'm over at the sink doing dishes and I hear HER talking sharply like she's reprimanding someone and then she walks over to the refrigerator where she has some magnets and starts pulling them off and tossing them over by the dog's water bowl, knowing she's not supposed to play around there.
I mean...what's a mother to do?? I don't want to scream at her since she really doesn't quite understand yet, does she?? And now that I've decided to show her when she is doing something wrong by putting her on the floor, she now has incorporated the "reprimanding" part into her personality?? I can never win.

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