Sunday, April 4, 2010

Supah spazz

D woke up at 5am this morning. Interestingly enough, I was wide awake and rarin' to go with her. So, I was totally fine to go pick her up. Of course, I was definitely hoping she'd go back to sleep for another hour with some rocking, but that didn't happen.
Anyhoo, I'm on a new program now and I figure that if she's going to just be taking one nap a day, I might as well put her in the jogger and take her out for a jog in the mornings and include a stop at a playground so she can play around too.
That was my thought this morning so I packed her up and was out the door by a little before 8am. Wouldn't you know it, she fell right asleep not 10 minutes into the run. And she slept all the way to 9:30am! Guess she was tired.
But surely, we thought she'd need another nap by mid-afternoon. I know I sure did. Just a little catnap would've been nice.
And as luck would have it, No. There was no nap to be had by D. She powered through the day. We did try to put her down around 2pm (did we miss the magic window?) and she just jabbered and cried. Finally, G went to pick her up and took her outside to play. I did get my little snoozer.
But seriously. I can't believe she was up from 9:30am - 6:30pm! Whaat?! Who is this silly camper?

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