Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Full time mom?

I just met a mom today that was so cool. Don't know what made her cool, she just had a great energy about her. We were both at this playground. She was with her daughter who is 17 months old and about the same walking "level" as D.
As we got to talking she tells me this is her FOURTH child! Whaaaat??! Well, she looked so young I had to ask, "Did you start having kids when you were 17??!" Actually, she started when she was 24 and had one, then had the other 18 months later and then maybe a couple years later and then the last one a year after that?
This woman had such great energy that I immediately knew I liked her. She made having four kids sound exciting. I even said to her, "Wow, it must be so fun in your household..." to which she responded in her calm way, " gets pretty crazy."
And, to top it all off, when I left her and was walking D home in her stroller I even thought to myself, "Wow, she makes having four kids look so easy...hmm, maybe I should forgo my thoughts of career and just become a full time mommy and push out a few more! If I didn't have to worry about work and could just focus on the kids, I could get good at this mommy thing...Could be fun!"
But then I came to my senses. Hey, I ain't no spring chicken. I am NOT pushing out three more puppies with the delusion that our household could be so fun with little kids running around. I am having a hard enough time with my one child and she's not even difficult.
And if I feel like I want some excitement at the house with more kids running around, I'll just invite my new friend and her kids over for the day! Voila! Then I will send her off on her merry way and thank the LORD I kept to my senses after I've closed the door behind her. :oD

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