Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's a whole lotta cryin going on...

And those aren't my tears that are flowing, mind you. Yup, it's the little D. She does a lot of crying when it's eating time. She is soo testing her art of manipulation - how hard do I need to cry before I can get my way? How many buckets of tears?
Really. I think.
Eh, could be a combination of tiredness and boredom?
But I vote for the former. I'm pretty sure she's practicing the art of manipulation because the moment we give her what she wants - to pick her up - she smiles and all the tears are gone.
It's crazy. It's been a few days now. Not every meal time but oftentimes at dinner. Oh she goes on and on. And when G's around, the show is even more dramatic. She knows she can touch daddy's heart...well, he's pretty good about trying to reason with her too and ignoring her tantrums.
Man, is she testing my nerves.

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