Sunday, January 31, 2010


I made some rutabaga for D the other day. Never had it before, didn't know what it tasted like but looked up prep methods and baked it for her. I saw it mentioned on Top Chef or something like that so I thought I'd prepare some for D. She didn't like it.
It has the consistency of a potato but tastes like a turnip. Why would anybody like it?
Normally, I do not let D dictate her own likes and dislikes when it comes to food. She is not allowed to refuse broccoli, for instance, because broccoli is chock full of good stuff like iron. But when she turned down the rutabaga, I was fine with it. Meh, who needs rutabaga? It doesn't have any outstanding qualities, vitamins/minerals that she would ever be lacking.
Of course, I am not one to waste food so I will just grind that sucker up with spinach and serve it to her with pasta tomorrow. We'll see how intense her taste buds are and if she will be able to distinguish that taste from the spinach. She loves spinach. :o)

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