Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Expanding our repetoire of words

Wheee! D is soo smart! Or is that me being biased? Well you decide. Here is the list of words she recognizes (all in Chinese, of course!):

Wa-tze - socks. When we ask her where her socks are, she looks for them.
Tswan wa-tze - wear your socks. And when we say to her to "Tswan wa-tze" she puts her sock on her foot. Well, literally on top of her foot b/c she doesn't know how to put her socks on yet. :o)
Bi-tze - nose. Whenever you say that, she points at her nose!
Pai pai so - clap your hands. She will clap her hands when you say this.
Gwo lai - come here. She is working on this. She knows it, but is kind of stubborn to move.
Tsan chi lai - stand up. She will stand up when we say this.
Sway jiao - sleep. She doesn't love this word when I say it for naps sometimes, but she knows it.

I think that's pretty good for being not even a year old yet! All useless words right now, but hey, whatever. She's brilliant. Oh yeah, and whenever she hears the word, "yeayyy.." she will clap her hands. Or will clap her hands if she hears any type of cheering. How fun is that?

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  1. sooo cute!!! i mean, soooo impressive!!

    by the way, what are we...chopped liver? y'allz forget about your visit with the mills girls in la?? pffftttt....

    poor tl...these days, when we try to encourage TL that he can speak chinese, he says, "not anymore."