Monday, February 15, 2010


I am constantly fascinated when I watch D's little gears turning in her head as she tries to accomplish various tasks. She often likes to sit on either the first or second step on the staircase and move cautiously forward to step off the stair. Previously, we have always taught her that she needs to step backwards to come down. Now she has gained enough balance and understanding to step forward, but always very slowly and calculated.
Today was pretty amazing. She was working on balance and walking. She would situate herself so she's sitting on the fireplace stoop. Then from there, she would get up to a standing position and work on her balance and I can see that she is thinking about taking her first step. She is working very hard to master standing from the sitting position.
And to top the evening off, I was on a conference call while feeding her so she is busy eating and watching a slideshow of pictures from my iphoto album. Then, she grabs the spoon from my hand and will not give it back so I let her have it to play with while I grab another spoon with which to feed her. But she is not idly playing with her spoon. She is putting pieces of food onto her spoon and putting the spoon up towards her mouth!! Of course, she's not quite coordinated enough to get the food into her mouth but the fact that she is trying to teach herself to eat is amazing to me!! In fact, I helped her put some of her pureed fruit onto her spoon and she indeed was able to get it into her mouth. She fed herself for a minute tonight. This girl...never ceases to amaze me. Babies are incredible little beings.
Funny how they start out SO INCREDIBLY smart...and then what happens?

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