Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tweaking? Oh I should just leave that to the birds...

Hahaha...what was I thinking? Tweaking? First nap at 11am, second at 3:30? Whaat? Whoo?
Uh-uh. Not D.

She did go down for her first nap at 11 without a peep. Slept til 12:30p, but then wasn't feeling her second nap. I mean, who was I kidding? I can't expect her to go down after just 3 hours. But then as I was perusing the message boards at babywhisperer.com I came across a post of a mom who mentioned her sister's baby, unlike most babies, never had sleep problems when he was overtired. He just slept.
And then I remembered, hey yeah, D is the same way! She'd never really slept poorly if overly tired sooooo...she did not go down for another nap and didn't seem to tired so I pushed her a little more for a close to 7:30p bedtime.
Here's to seeing how long she'll sleep tonight!

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