Thursday, February 25, 2010

I must really love this kid

Y'know...ever since I was young I've always hated to wash spinach. I love to eat it, but hate to wash it because it's so tedious and it is by far the dirtiest vegetable out there. Oftentimes, when you eat a spinach salad, there is grit because people can't get all the dirt off.
Kinda cool when they started putting out prewashed lettuce and spinach. Makes life a lot easier.
I know that buying lettuce and spinach fresh, not prepackaged is better but for convenience sake, we buy the prepackaged.
Well, along came Nina Planck and her book Real Food...I love this book. It's an eye-opener. It also reminds me that bagged spinach is just not all that great.
So, I buy fresh for Dillon and I will stand there and wash every single leaf (because when I try to wash in small bunches I notice that there is still dirt left on some leaves). I wash, then dry then bag.
I also now reheat all her food in a pan or a pot. Never in the microwave because, once again, Nina Planck reminds me that the microwave zaps a good portion of food's nutrients. Gasp! Shocker.
Yeah, I know for convenience sake I could overlook all this but in today's day and age when our government is more interested in lining a few select people's pocketbooks rather than looking out for our well-being I really need to do what I can to see that D starts out right. When she is older and she discovers corn syrup and fast food, there's nothing I can do to steer her away (I mean, come on, I love junk food). But right now while she is young and dependent on me for her health and well-being, I need to do what I can. And if that means standing at the sink washing spinach leaf by leaf and using pots and pans to reheat food and hunting down raw butter, then that is what I'll do.


  1. curse you. i love the bagged spinach. at least i'll have a beautiful new kitchen (soon, i hope!!) to stand in as I carefully & tediously wash each frickin' spinach leaf...

    how about frozen spinach? i've read that the nutrients are really preserved cuz they freeze at the height of freshness. email me & let me know, wouldja!?

  2. are the best anti-mom ever. Grumbling about wanting Dilly to grow up faster & just a few years ago, never wanting children...yet treating her with the utmost care & showering her with so much love. :-D