Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Time to tweak with D's naps. Here was D's previous sleep sched:
6am wake up
9am-ish nap
10:30am wake up
1:30/2pm-ish nap
wake up whenever
Bed around 7:30p

She has always been an early riser and tends to start rolling around in her bed by 5:30am, if not sooner and we just ignore her and not pick her up until after 6am.

Lately, she has been refusing to go down for a nap by 9am so we've had rolling around and crying for an hour, then I pick her up and go ahead with the day. She usually ends up being super tired and goes down for a nap around 11am/noon?
Then no nap from whenever she wakes up til bedtime which now we have moved to closer to 7pm in order that she doesn't get too tired!
But now she is definitely waking up around 5am. Uh, no thanks...

So, starting today I am tweaking her naps. Just put her down around 11am. She fell asleep! No fussing! Wheee!
If she looks like she's going to sleep past 1.5 hours, I will have to wake her up. So that she can take another nap around 3/4pm (and only for an hour) and then back to her original bedtime around 7:30p!
We shall see how that works out.
This mommy thing is a constant struggle. Where's the fun? Cuteness only goes so far.

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