Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is D's bday...and...her grandma and I let her cry the most she's ever cried. Waaaah!! Well, not really intentionally. She was chattering away in her crib when I had put her down for her nap around 9. After about 10/15 mins of that, I said to G, "Oh, she's not going down, I'm going to go in and get her." (btw, I am digressing here b/c this part is so cute it makes me laugh every time I think about it)
When I opened the door, this is what I saw: D standing in the corner of her crib, facing the wall and babbling. Just playing and the moment I opened the door and she saw me, she quickly jumped forward into the lying down position (as if looking like, "I'm sleeping!") It was hilarious.
I picked her up and all was fine. Then I passed her off to grandma and she cried a little bit, just protesting but then got over it. All was fine as I went off to make lemon bars.
All of a sudden, after about 20 minutes I hear D crying very loudly and grandma coming over to me saying, "If she rubs her eyes, does that mean she's tired and needs a nap?"
Um, yes, but that doesn't mean grandma can put her down for one. She's never experienced that as a naptime routine so, uh, no. That didn't work.
So, I go in to pick her up and she's better but then I hand her off to grandma again as I am still finishing my lemon bars. Dillon is crying very loudly and is clearly ver upset but I think she'll get over it. I let her carry on for the next 15 mins maybe? And finally go over to rescue her which at that point she is PISSED and not about to let me get away such blatant neglect so easily. She is howling even after I've picked her up and am trying to comfort her. She cannot be comforted. This goes on for another maybe 20 minutes with some moments of pauses in between but still hiccoughing from crying so hard.
Oh's her birthday and I don't think her feeling were ever so hurt. Poor baby.
The good thing is, she finally did go down for her nap and then all was forgotten when she woke up. She had a fantastic birthday!!

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