Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's funny to me how I will eat just about anything. I eat crack, dude. When asked what my last meal on earth would be, I replied, "Two cheeseburger meal at McDonald's...however, that could change to a Filet-O-Fish meal depending on my mood."
My favorite snack is Cheese PUFFS! Golden, puffy, artificial cheesy powder goodness.
But when it comes to Dillon, we feed her the best. We try to go organic, no salt, no added sugar. I am even a little bit concerned about how much sugar she is currently consuming from the fruits she eats. Eeks!
There are occasions when I do like to share whatever I am eating with Dillon (since she always seems so interested) so there have been times where I have fed her a corner of my yummy McD's hamburger bun...
But those times are few and far between as her father is always VERY quick to put the smack down on that. He once even reprimanded me for putting salted butter on her toast as opposed to unsalted. Whoops! Sorrry...I truly prefer salted butter to non-salted, thank you very much!

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