Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Playgroup

We just hosted our 2009 Playgroup at our house today! Dillon was an awesome host. One of the mommies commented on how Dillon is so good at sharing her toys. Yeay!
When the babies first started to arrive, I was just starting to feed D her lunch. But clearly, her mind was on playing so I put her down and she played and showed her toys to Jenn Carter Ammons who had come over to meet the mommies and see how the playgroups are like in consideration for her pending baby.
Later on, D seemed like she was hungry so I pulled her high chair over to the play area and fed her there. She was perfectly content to sit in her high chair, feeding herself cheese and sweet potato while I fed her a yummy concoction of mashed up meatballs in tomato sauce and some bok choy!
Oh! And it was interesting to see how D was very interested in the babies that were a bit younger than she is. I wasn't there to see it, but another mom reported that D got down on all fours and put her head gently up to the baby's head (her son) and also when he dropped the stick he was playing with, she picked it up and handed it back to him! Impressive.
I did see her petting another baby's head ever so gently. Was really cute. But then when there was a boy around roughly her same age (he might be 9 months right now), sitting next to her and she was standing, she banged his head instead of stroking it gently. Isn't that weird? It's like she knew he was older and was a bit hardier. At least I think so?

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