Monday, January 11, 2010

I give D an "A" for intelligence!

Today, D was happily pushing her Radio Flyer around. Still trying to master the walking and balancing thing. Usually, when she comes upon the wall or a sofa or anything that stops her movement, she continues to push her RF against the obstructing object while yelling to let us know that she needs help.
She was doing that today in the kitchen when she got stopped up against the cabinet. However, since I wasn't able to help her because I was doing the dishes, she yelled a bit more and then decided to take matters into her own hands. :oD
After a couple minutes, I then start hearing the wheels of the flyer moving again. I turned around to find that D had taken her little self and marched to the side of the flyer and started walking it back the way she had come! So, instead of pushing the flyer from the front/handle part, she is now pushing it from the side with one hand on the side bar and the other hand on the back part of the handle!! Oh, she certainly is genius!!

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