Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little discipline...or not

Dillon was playing in the bathroom the other day and was opening the drawer which sits a little above her head. She could easily get her fingers caught if she closed the drawer so I was telling her, "No. Be careful." And I would hold the drawer closed so she wouldn't open it. She would comply but then as I would step away, she would reach for the drawer again and again I would say, "No." This, of course became a game and she thought it was hilarious that I kept saying no and would head toward the drawer as she reached for it.
Umm..possibly not the best form of disciplining here...
And now, when we feed her, she thinks it's funny to throw food over the side of her high chair - Not good. And of course, when we say, "NO!" in our very firm manner, she laughs and thinks it's a game. I was shocked when she actually took a handful of spaghetti squash (sauce and all) and flung it against the wall. Hello? Dillon? That's not very nice. do we cure our little D of this poor behavior? Not sure, but if we ever figure it out, I'll be sure to share.

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