Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's all about the avo...

Yes, D has her food issues. You know how they say, "Eat with your child so she feels like part of the family.." No, not in this family, apparently. We can't eat with Dillon or she will not eat her food and only want ours. She is adamant. Turning her head defiantly away from her food/the spoon and pointing at whatever we are eating. It doesn't matter if I just fed her a bit of my food and she can't chew it and ends up spitting it out. She still wants that food.
Additionally, she doesn't want anything that is not the perfect consistency or isn't her fruit. Oh, she loves the fruit but I'm pretty sure it's for the sugar since she never minds that the fruit is pureed. She happily sucks it down.
At one point, G said, "well since you tend to mix everything up anyway, why not just mix up her food with the fruit." Um, no. That would just allow her to want everything she eats to be sweet. We can't have that.
Child...you will eat what I have prepared for you...if she were older, I could make her understand. But she's just a wee baby and trying to exercise her right to make decisions. No thanks. So, since she will always eat avocado, I do try to have that handy at all meals so if all else fails, I can mask everything with avocado. God forbid if she ever tires of avo. Thank goodness avos aren't like carrots where if you eat too much you turn orange. I would have a slightly green tinted daughter.


  1. How old are you thinking...14? Cuz it definitely ain't gonna happen at 3...we have almost daily arguments w/TL cuz he is ALL ABOUT the treats. His diabetic prone body will thank me one day that I don't have a sweet tooth so I do my best not to be an enabler! :-D

  2. OH gawd...I know. I heard you when you said wait until I get to the 2's/3's. Honestly..WTF. Dillon, are you 18 yet? Get the heck outta here! Hah!