Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gloi, gloi..

Dillon has added a new word (sound) to her repetoire - Gloi. She says that every so often. It is so funny. If I make that sound, she will mimic me.
It's truly fascinating to me how babies literally teach themselves. I mean, I can see her little gears turning in her head as she tries to process how all things are done. She is curious beyond belief!
Today, she has been so diligent about her walking. She went back and forth on her Radio Flyer, probably 30 times! Usually, she will make her laps a few times and then just tire of it and start crawling or move onto a different task. Nope, today, she was determined.
And alas! This evening while I was preparing dinner, D stood on her very own! I mean, I have seen her balance while holding onto a chair or table and then take her hand off to work on her balance. But, tonight, she literally stood up from sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor! Amazing! We clapped for her and told her, "Good job!!" She was so proud.
She also learned how to drink from a sippy cup with a straw! That's pretty phenomenal too in my book! I've been waiting and waiting for her to move past her bottle stage since whenever she turns the bottle over on its head, the milk drips out! Meeesssssy. So, we'll see if she remembers this feat by tomorrow. Sometimes she forgets. Like, she drank an entire 5 oz of formula from her Born Free sippy cup ONCE. And then never did it again. Did not know how it works and then chewed a hole in the top so it wasn't keeping liquids back anymore. Go figure...

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