Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Squirmy Mcsquirmison

Dillon loooves to squirm these days. She will not sit still to take her bottle, sometimes insisting on flipping her head back so she is drinking upside down (am I concerned about the blood rushing to her head? Well, yes, but she has strong neck and back muscle now so she will fight it if I try to reposition her).
And, whether she is eating solids or drinking her formula, if she hears one noise (like the dogs walking or Greg moving around) she whips her head around to check out the noise. Messy, messy.
She also really likes to reach for her bottle on her own to feed herself, though she hasn't quite grasped the concept of feeding herself nor does she have the strength to hold the bottle, really. But, it's fun letting her practice. She'll whip the bottle out of her mouth and sit up, then reach for the bottle to put in her mouth but doesn't want to lean back in order for the milk to flow...so she chews on the nipple...I think this must just be fun and games to her. It cracks me up.

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