Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Nashville

We just returned back from Dillon's West Coast debut! Well, we got back on Sunday and she is now back in the swing of things. She did great on the plane all three times and she did great socializing...for the most part.
For some reason, she had a couple meltdowns in the car in LA. Once was when my mother was sitting back there with her. She literally went BANANAS, wailing at the top of her lungs, inconsolable, boogies flying everywhere and really...not making a very good impression on the old mom there. Sigh. Oh well. Then she had the SAME meltdown when I was sitting in the back with her another day. Really weird. I can only attribute it to the fact that she may have been EXTREMELY tired and pissed off that I was sitting in back with her but not cuddling her. She had a fit and then, all of a sudden decided she was over her fit (20 looong minutes later) and just stopped and started chewing on her toy and acted as if nothing happened. As I think back to it now, I am laughing but at the time...I was a bit frantic.
Poor D is just not an LA girl. She's not used to being on long car rides and just "going with the flow..." I'm gonna have to start driving around in circles to get her into the groove. Hah! Not.
Travelling with a baby is quite tiring, not to mention the amount of things you have to pack! Well, we won't have to pack the car seat base for NYC cuz we'll just walk or take public transportation, but otherwise, we need to back the car seat base, the stroller, the car seat, a pack n'play if we don't have a crib at our destination...plus her clothes, her bibs, towels, formula bottles, etc, etc, etc. Whew! Can't wait until she's on solids for good then she can just eat what we eat.
The night she got home, she had a little bit of a difficult time going down. I put her down at 6:30pm, she woke up crying at 7, rocked her back to sleep, then at 8, same thing, then at 9, same thing. Then at 9:30 I went in with a bottle, fed her, put her back to sleep and then she was fine. Slept until 6am the next day. By Monday, she was fine.
Yup, she's a fine traveller! We're off to the doctor's tomorrow for her 6 months wellness visit. Can't wait to see how much she weighs and how long she might be. She definitely feels heavier to me.

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