Monday, May 4, 2009

So confused..., here's where I'm at. First of all, we had the calm before the storm last night, which was just as well b/c then Greg left with a sense of hope. When I put D down for her nighttime sleep, she went right to her bassinet! Amazing. Not one peep. Naturally, that was because she had cried so much in the afternoon, she was too pooped to pop.
Last night and today was a wreck. This girl can CRY. I mean, even Tina was saying how she's not like other babies. HOWEVER, might I add that (in accordance to what my gf Lo had said), Tina also noted that Dillon is much more advanced than most babies her age so super smart which might be why she continues to think she can manipulate us and is hyper sensitive to touch and stuff.
Dillon cries and cries and cries.
I see that some of my friends have commented on my last post, Thank goodness for Tina. Well, would you believe that I had to counsel HER today? She is now feeling so bad when D cries and just wants to run in and hold her. Hello? Very counterproductive...
I'm now the one telling her, no, you must stay out of the room. We can't be in the room b/c D will not stop crying. She is obstinate. Not to mention, I can't have her in the room or anyone for that matter b/c that is just stimulation for Dillon as she just thinks they will play with her. Despite all her crying, dear Dillon is always ready with a smile for someone who comes in and smiles at her and she's played with them before.
Today at dinner, while we were listening to D cry and cry and cry, Tina looked like she was going to cry. I had to say to her, Tina, if you can't tune out her cries, I'm going to have to send you home. Hehehe!
I mean, I understand what she is feeling. If she didn't feel bad, there would be something wrong with her. Who can sit and listen to a baby cry without wanting to comfort her? No one but a MOTHER can do it b/c it is for the baby's well-being!

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