Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby #2

Hahaha...did someone think we were onto Baby #2? Never! Well, one should never say never right?
Everyone is right. 3 months is the magical age. I am so in love with Dillon right now. I am pretty sure a lot has to do with the fact that she is not on my body 24/7 and that she sleeps in her crib and sleeps well through the night and is so smart and loves to talk and has discovered how to make pppfft noises with her mouth and does it all the time...and gets mad at us when we are not paying attention to her and is so content when she is in the center of things and gets to sit up and look around and learn things and see her environment.
Am I being ridiculous right now? Yeah. I am. I'm getting a LITTLE bit obsessed with my little one and I guess some people might call it the "Change". Have I experienced the "Change". Why...quite possibly so.
Do I think I would consider a second child? Eh, not at this moment but now I know why people DO have second children! It's because they must sit there and think, Now I know what I am doing! If I have a second child, I would do it all differently and smarter...and then they go and get pregnant and it all starts all over again - the great unknown because HELLLLOO?? Every baby is different! The first three months will always be torture and unpredictable. And if this first child has 10 years off my youthful appearance, the second child will surely do the same! Hah!

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