Thursday, May 7, 2009

And so it continues

I keep forgetting that we are trying to undo 3 months worth of spoiling. Rome wasn't built in one day...
D will have her good times and her not so great times. Yesterday, Tina and I had a slight breakdown moment where we were both questioning what we were doing. Losing sight of the goal and that we've really come so far but we can't expect her to just take to sleeping on her own within a matter of days. D is really good at crying...and for a good long period. So, when we were both sitting around wringing our hands, Tina was good and talked me through the crying, reminding me of our progress so far and that it just takes time. Our little girl is extremely smart and really hates not being held. It's fine. She never remembers the crying episode and always wakes up with a smile. In fact, she seems to be thriving more now, smiling, laughing, cooing, trying to talk and always moving. My alternative would be to carry her forever...uh, no thanks. Carry on. :o)
Tina then remembers that she has a close gf that is a professional nanny! So she called her up for reassurance and we're all good.
D is best at night. She is sleeping so well at night now, but our nap times aren't so great. She cries and cries and cries. She is crying now as I am typing, but I know she's fed, she's dry and she's comfortable.
A video monitor is KEY for this kind of endeavor. It allows me to see if D is starting to wind down from her crying based on whether or not her legs are kicking. If she is crying and her legs have stopped moving then I know she will fall asleep very shortly...most of the time. Again, as always with babies, nothing is guaranteed and every day, every hour is different.

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