Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's instinct

It's so funny that before Greg left for his business trip, he says, "Honey, I'm really glad that Tina's staying to help out, but if she ever suggests anything that doesn't sit right with you, don't be afraid to just say no. I know how hard it is for you to say no to people. You're Dillon's mom. Trust yourself." Does he know who he's talking to? Um, hehehe! Surprise! Yes, it IS hard for me to say no to people. Once (at band camp..ha!) when we were out walking, some new neighbors came out and we said hello. The woman swooped in and was like, "Oooh! What a cute baby!" And proceeded to reach out her hand to touch her face. Err..hello? Not supposed to do that. I was aghast but speechless. Didn't want to be rude, and well, she did use the back of her hand very gently...
Greg was none too happy with me. "Belinda, don't ever let a stranger touch our daughter. What is wrong with you?" Me, rather sheepishly, "Well, I didn't want to be rude..." Greg: It was rude of her to touch the baby. Don't let anyone do that again. Whooopsies! Agreed!!
Anyhow, yes. I am beginning to find my groove as Dillon's mom. I do listen to Tina but I think sometimes her suggestions might not be the best so I just don't do it. She's kind and doesn't force the issue. She is soo good, that Tina. And I guess I am just now starting to realize that baby rearing is not cut in stone. All books, website, etc can't be expected to be followed to a T! I am only just now realizing this from talking to my other wonderful gf, Jennifer who is an amazing mom to new twins and a three year old. She just does whatever works and you know what? That works for me!! hehehe! I know, I know...sounds pretty stupid, but I gotta tell ya. This baby thing is the HARDEST I have ever worked for anything. Copious amounts of reading (textbook like which I hate), research, loss of sleep from thinking so much...rolling my eyes now.
I DO know what's best for Dilly because I LOVE HER! Yup! Took almost three months for this little peanut to grow on me but she has.

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  1. awwwww...glad to hear it! i was actually thinking that after i read your "confused" post that you can read books and web stuff & listen to people's advice, but EVERY kid is different and every MOM is different, so what works for one person ain't gonna work for another...and the even more *FUN* part of parenthood is that what works one day may not work the next!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!

    When TL was little, I read a LOT of books & stuff. Now, I only do so every once in a while cuz again, you just gotta do what feels right for yourself & your baby.

    Take care!