Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think it's working

Daddy came home Friday night. I think Dillon might've smelled his scent and decided she would try to send her pleas to him to come pick her up. So, she didn't go down so well after her early morning feeding but we just let her cry and it was fine.
Saturday, we decided to start feeding her some formula before putting her down for her naps. Sure, most books say that's a no-no b/c then she associates sleep with eating beforehand, blah, blah. But I felt we had to do this in order to properly train her because otherwise, she'd get hungry whilst crying and that just doesn't help anyone. So, having had her belly full, she did go down pretty well for her naps, but then didn't nap for a long time. That's okay...however, throughout the day, she did seem to wake up still tired and a bit cranky though she did manage to squeeze out a couple smiles for us. I was also a little bit annoyed that at her 3pm nap she only napped for half an hour even though I know her belly was full and she could sleep for longer. Also, if she is crying when she wakes up and I pick her up, doesn't that negatively affect her training? Hmmm...
Anyhoo, she cried a little bit when I put her down to sleep for the night (again, I think it's the daddy thing. I think all babies will try to pull one over on any new person that is around), but she only cried for maybe 10, maybe 20 minutes. She also cried a little bit at the midnight feeding and at the 3am feeding but only for a couple of minutes. You can't fault a girl for tryin' to get some attention. Haha! It's just indicative of how smart she is and if you're not careful, you could really get taken advantage of!
At 5am, she woke up again. Mind you, I just put her down with a full belly at 3am so when Greg asked if he should go get her, I said, no. Just ignore her. She needs to go back to sleep and she did! Slept until 7am!
And, now for her morning nap, she has been sleeping since about 8:58am (after crying for about 20 minutes) and it's now 10:09am! Yeayyy! Progress! Progress!!
It's true what people say. It's really interesting to watch your child progress! Now, when she cries, I don't even flinch. She's learning!

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